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What is this?

This site cycles through one-at-a-time randomized suggestions for things to do, think, read, watch, and listen to while going through a breakup. It was inspired by the podcast Death Sex and Money’s Breakup episode and originally populated with suggestions from the show’s listener-created Google sheet Breakup Survival Kit. It uses the Tabletop.js library to access the Google Sheets API, serving up a randomized suggestion from this slightly more curated list of over 400 heartbreak cures. This site is updated weekly, so please add your suggestions to the original DSM speadsheet, or submit them here.

Who made this?

Me, Emily Theis! I absolutely loved that DSM Breakup Survival Kit Google sheet. The suggestions it contains are so human: intimate, funny, helpful, and sad. It fascinated me that there were always other people viewing it, since spreadsheets are not the most fun thing to browse. So I made this site to provide a more visual/simple way to click endlessly through all that wisdom. I hope it can help someone get through a difficult time. Send me an email if you’d like to provide feedback or say hello.

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Oh, and one more thing

Breakups can be wicked hard, so if you’re trapped in a hopeless and paralyzing kind of sadness, you should call a friend who loves you. There are also strangers to call who are ready to listen, and there's no shame in getting help.